C. H. A. N. G. E.   (Christ Has A New Generation Evolving)

written by Paula Bonin       Copyright 2012


* Today's children in Christ are tomorrow's leaders in Christ.

* Teach our children to lead by example.

* Let our children create, develop, and complete projects.

* Let them follow the teachings in the Bible  they hear every week and apply

        them to their lives today just as the adults should.

* Let the children collect their "change" for the Bedrock, with no one child

        being singled out for giving more or less.

* Let the children exemplify how to serve.


Adults are to lead by example.

Are we really leading the children in the way of the Lord, or are we just expecting them to listen and comprehend what we as adults don't even fully understand?  Are the children underutilized?

Can the children, who start to lead by example and through their leadership, affect the adults? 

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