After 2 years of planning - Cowboy Church began in Wade, NC. on Nov. 23rd, 2019

This new ministry plant was hosted by the Cape Fear Trail riders Saddle Club and supported by the local 4-H club.

THEN...............Nov. 1st, 2020.....

Please Leave!

So many times the stories we tell our students at the Photizo Oikos Bible College seem unbelievable. Yet they are real just as this recent event in Wade, NC.

As a former employee of Walt Disney World, and a graduate of their public relations college, one of the many pieces of trivia garnered there is the story of Mr. Walt Disney’s FIRST choice for the location of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Incredible as it seems, his first choice was Wytheville, Va. Why? It was one of only 4 locations in the country that had more than ten miles of 2 intersecting interstate highways. Why isn’t Disney there today? The town said “please leave!” Wytheville to this day has never obtained any wealth and cannot even meet it most basic infrastructure needs without state aid. They had their chance!

This is not unusual. Jesus dealt with the same challenges.

Mark 5:17; Matt. 10:5; and Mark 4 in which the entire chapter is directed toward “not sowing the seed (Word of God) on stony ground”.

As this ministry prepared to leave for Wade last week to host the competitive trail ride event, someone contacted us and informed us they wanted to cover all the cost of the prize money for that event! This is the 3rd time we have seen God motivate people to help the new ministry start in Wade and the CFTRSC. Who would know this would be our last trip!?

Upon arriving on the show grounds and setting up we were approached by one of the three land owners. We were informed that the CC plant, and our presence, had never been approved to be there. This allegation, despite our presence over the last 11 months and letters and emails on file to the contrary! Fascinating!

Upon a conference call with our leadership, and in keeping with the model of the ministry to not take the gospel anywhere it is rejected and refused, this pastor was instructed to depart and return to Roanoke.

While there are many facets to this story, what is most inconceivable is how the voice of one can speak for the silence of the masses there in Wade. So many today allow others to determine their future and even determine if they are to worship God. Then they complain when God doesn’t move among them!

This event is a classic example of how “God’s Will” was for the gospel to come to Wade through this ministry as evidenced over the 11 months of activity there, but the “will of the people” would deny “God’s Will”. Make no mistake; God is not going to force Himself on anyone!

Pastor Ray

Thought for the Week

God sent His Son to die for you,

what are you doing for Him?



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