AFI   Advocates for Inmates

AFI became active in May 2023.

AFI provides assistance to inmates; attorneys; jails; and courts.   How?

1.     AFI serves as a liaison between incarcerated individuals and their attorney and court of record. Upon incarceration the individual becomes cutoff and information becomes virtually inaccessible which breeds anger and frustration translating into about 70% of all behavioral issues in jail or prison.

2.     Inmates, through the respective KIOSK service (once a jail has approved AFI”s use of the platform) in the POD can ask questions regarding their case to the staff of AFI who in turn contact the attorney or court. Once the information is obtained, then AFI replies to the inmate.

3.     AFI provides ground transportation to inmates upon release who do not have anyone to call for pick up if AFI funding and staff compliment is sufficient.

4.     If an inmate is in need of out of state relocation, with a 3 day or more advance notice, and if AFI funding and staff compliment is sufficient, AFI covers the cost of the bus ticket; airplane ticket; or actual ground transport to the relocation for the inmate. Whichever is more cost efficient if AFI funding and staff compliment is sufficient.

5.     AFI, if requested by the inmate, can (if staff are available) make contact by phone, email, or in person, to the family of the inmate to advise of the status of the inmate as well as provide NON MONETARY assistance to family members.

Currently AFI serves the following courts/jails of the Roanoke Valley:

Roanoke County / Roanoke City/ Franklin County

Questions are welcome by email for clarification.



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