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At Cowboy Church we believe in the power of prayer. The Bible says in      I John 5:14 & 15: "And this is the confidence we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desire of him."

We are actively seeking those who understand prayer and the concept of "Prayer Warriors". We desire to have partners who will pray for this ministry. If you have this unique gift and ability, please contact pastor Ray.

Prayer Warriors:

Rev. Lamar Lifer

Ms. Ann Goad

Mrs. Stephanie Dietrich

Rev. Raymond Bell

Mrs. Linda Bell

and others whom asked to not be listed


Answers to prayers:

A family experiences several serious financial challenges in a pattern over 3 months. Undeterred they remain faithful to God's promises and do not forfeit giving their tithe. God responds and the family experiences several unforeseeable gifts come in. The gifts that come in equal the loss of the financial challenges. But God is not done! In the process God provides "confirmation" to answered prayer for two of the people who gave the gifts!

God heals and removes a steel rod from a man's back that had been in place for many years.

God delivers a man from 2 demons.

God heals a broken hand and reshapes it as people watch!

A woman who has had back pain for many years has sought prayer the entire time. She recently completed a stay in the hospital for surgery and is now today completely pain free!

A man is hospitalized with cancer. Within a week of the Prayer Warriors going active, the doctors say "we made a mistake. It wasn't cancer at all." Yes, our God heals!

In early 2021 a man was found to have advance cancer. He was given less than 6 months to live. Many Prayer Warriors were notified. As the man went through the various medical processes and evaluations it was also found he would require at least one transplant of a major organ. There were none available. But God had different plans! As 2021 came to a close this man is today alive and well; cancer free, and just completed the organ transplant!

A woman requested prayer for her cancer. She is now today in total remission.

A 2 time survivor of cancer was told - yes - they found a mass behind her spine. She requested prayer. On the next doctor visit the doctor was astonished that no evidence of the mass or cancer could be found!

A man in NC. who we were advised of last month for prayer over a heart attack has made a full recovery. In fact, doctors now can find no evidence of the heart attack, no lingering damage to the heart muscles, and no cause of the blockage that brought on the heart attack to begin with.

A woman in Tennessee who recently sought prayer for healing of cancer is now reporting to be cancer free.

A woman diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer contacts us for prayer. The prayer warriors get notified. Just after the last prayer warrior got the information, the woman had a follow up visit with the doctor. The doctor informs her that they had found her to be at stage 3 of 3 at the last visit, but now they find her to be only at stage 2 of 3. God is already healing! We'll share how this ends.

A man contacts our Roanoke office and ask for a pastoral visit as he is in the hospital. He is suffering from serious heart condition issues. He has been told he cannot have stints and so the doctors are unsure of what they will do in surgery. He is prayed over. Within minutes his vital signs suddenly improve. Then, a family in the next room who knows this man's family surprises him with a monetary gift! WOW! 3 days later surgery is done and the doctors suddenly find they can put stints in!! God is a miracle working God.

A trainer at one of the horse shows we attend requested prayer over a medical issue. We prayed for them. One month later doctors discovered the core issue causing the medical issue! For the first time in years this person is regaining their health!

A substantial spiritual attack was averted through answered prayer in the ministry of a local pastor.

A man is told he has 3 weeks to live due to advance cancer. The prayer warriors begin to pray. 2 weeks later lab tests report he is cancer free.

A woman was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. Within 2 weeks she was prayed over by one of the prayer warriors and the healing was given by God. However, doctors continued to report the presence of cancer. The woman chose to walk in health in Jesus name and, despite the doctors reports, had no symptoms of any kind. Last week the doctors, after 9 years, report that there is no evidence of cancer to be found! PTL! This is a great example of not allowing the enemy to steal the healing from you through reports of what others deem to be valid. We walk BY FAITH - not BY SIGHT!

A woman who had requested prayer with 6 tumors in her head has given us an update. This past week the doctors now report that there are no tumors to be found in her brain! Furthermore, 2 other cancer areas in the body are also now gone. How great is our God?!

A woman who had requested prayer with 6 tumors in her head has given us an update. This past week the doctors now report that the largest tumor (2.5 CM) is now completely gone - and - now there is no evidence it was there to begin with. This same woman was thought to have only weeks to live just 2 months ago. But now doctors foresee a complete recovery. We serve an awesome God.

A young lady seeks prayer regarding a brain tumor. The prayer warriors, and others, begin to pray. This past week, upon doing a doctor's follow up visit, she learns the brain tumor is now completely gone! PTL! The tumor is healed by God and there had not been any other type of treatment applied except prayer.

While at a trail ride, a woman seeks us out for the opportunity to ride a horse. Upon doing so, God heals her of a severe back injury sustained over 20 years ago! When the injury first occurred, she got mad at God. The anger then turned to bitterness. While in the CC service this specific day God spoke to her and convicted her. When asked if she wanted to ride a horse - God said ride the horse. Years ago the doctors told her she would never ride again but she realized that God had never said that. She was at the time a world class equestrian jumper rider and had her whole career in front of her. The accident and injury led her to "give up". Satan stole her joy of riding out of fear. But this day she repented and God healed her! WOW! What a sight to see this woman pain free after 20 years of pain!

A woman has what is thought to be a standard colonoscopy. While pain after the procedure is normal-she has exceptional pain. By the next morning she is rushed to the emergency room. At that point the prayer warriors are notified. By the time she arrives at the emergency room and is examined, the internal bleeding that had been occurring since the previous day has stopped. Doctors are baffled. During the colonoscopy the probe had nicked the stomach liner and bleeding commenced. There is no way this type of injury would stop bleeding on it's own. God heals! She has experienced a normal recovery.

A horse entangled in a fence lays in a pasture most of the night. Remarkably the injuries are not life threatening until, after being freed, the horse develops colic. Due to the remote location, it will be many hours before the medicine can be brought to the site. The horse can not be walked (to remedy the colic) due to the injuries from the fence entanglement. Prayer over the horse is done. Upon arriving with the medicine, the staff find the horse standing, responsive, and the colic had passed. Glory to God!

**Follow up from a previous entry**  A woman who had been found to have a large tumor was told the tumor was not cancerous. But the tumor remained and it was very large causing significant issues. A visit last week discovered, with no action taken by the doctors, that the tumor had shrunk to about the size of a pea !! Doctors in the Harrisonburg, Va. area are calling this "the miracle woman". God can heal!

A woman is scheduled to visit friends for the weekend. The day she would leave, her water heater fails forcing her to cancel her planned trip. Why is this important? The providence of God is about to reveal itself. This woman lives in a very remote area with limited access to her home and over an hour from the nearest hospital. A week later, with the water heater fixed, she embarks on the trip to visit friends. That Saturday morning she awakes. She is pale and ashen and is rushed to a urgent care unit. Tests reveal a heart attack. The blood pressure is so high it will not even register! A rescue squad is summoned. While waiting for the rescue squad the woman's friend calls for prayer. She is prayed with over the phone. The rescue unit transports the woman to the hospital. Tests at the hospital reveal no evidence of a heart issue and blood pressure is normal!!   We serve a healing God!

A man seriously ill for years is rushed to the hospital. This time the doctors find the issue - a rare blood disease. He is in ICU. A week later he is at home!

God answers prayer in providing a tractor after a 3 year search. Then in the process of paying for it, a family sees the hand of God intervene in response to their gift and they are protected from an unseen problem.

A woman with a brain tumor is found to be cancer free!** see follow up in later entry**

One of the men in the Roanoke CC finds a very good job after a period of unemployment. God is good!

Update on the man stricken with blindness: God continues to heal and this man is now driving his vehicle again and returning to work. Praise the Lord!

At the close of 2013, God has provided and the ministry closes the year out in great financial shape including all financial provision being made for the care and upkeep of the horse herd. There has been more measurable spiritual growth among the people of the ministry from 2012 to 2013 than all the previous years combined. God is on the move!

A man was stricken with blindness due to a rare medical issue. Doctors gave no hope for both eyes; but perhaps some vision would return in one eye. God's people prayed. At last report vision was returning to both eyes and had already surpassed what the doctors said was possible. In this process, family members were introduced to the Power of God. Many family members had their faith reborn and grew and matured in the Lord. These events came at a time when one family member had been under strong Godly teaching for a year and these events then cemented the truth of God's Word in her life.

A woman who was thought to have cancer receives a negative biopsy report. 

A man was hospitalized and not expected to live. After prayer, he went home 2 weeks later completely recovered. Praise the Lord.

In one of the cowboy churches we had a really awesome praise report. A woman who was experiencing tremendous tragedy in her life brought her dog to the vet. It was found to have cancer. The veterinarian chose to pray over the dog. 3 months later the dog was examined again and no evidence of cancer was found!

We are often asked does God heal animals? Yes, God can heal anyone and anything. We've seen the power of God correct vehicles and cause the vehicle to run when mechanically it should not have. We've seen God heal a horse dying of colic.

God cares about US . Because of His love for you, He then cares about everything in your life.

The Bible says God reigns mercy on whom He reigns mercy and grace upon whom He gives grace.

A woman recently saved at a CC service had been reporting unusual health issues relative to the new practice of Bible study in her home. The pastor realized this woman was describing demonic activity. Prayer was made over the woman with the laying on of hands; prayer was made over the home and the house anointed with oil. Literally overnight the oppressiveness was gone and for the last month this woman has reported an unexplained new joy in life she has never experienced before. The bondage was broken!

A further development for the 2 women mentioned earlier who had been praying at their work place. After agreeing to pray over management and that God would intervene to the betterment of the company; without warning corporate headquarters replaces the current manager. In the wake of this event, all manner of finances is found to have been in existence the whole time, but had been denied to the staff by the (now gone) manager! God moved out the manager and in one whom is a Christian and new life is restored into a failing situation.

A young couple desiring to wed are planning their wedding and reception. After thinking all had been arranged, the facility for the reception suddenly backs out. For a few days the couple work fervently to find a new location. Nothing develops. Finally, the two sit down and ask God to intervene. Within about 24 hours they have a facility arranged and paid for. The answer god provided was about half of what they had planned to pay at the facility they had reserved. God cares about our daily needs.

A woman is kicked in the head by a horse. As she is flown to a hospital, people begin to pray. Within 5 hours the swelling is radically reduced though doctors can not explain it. Despite the fact that there should be sever damage to the brain, there is none. Her eyesight has also not been effected.  We serve a God who heals and preserves.

Two women who recently completed the Prayer Warrior Study take the teachings and apply it in their work place. One of the clients they serve becomes involved in an enormous personal crisis. Intercessory prayer is offered. The legal process that the client was facing suddenly, with no explanation, turns completely in the favor of the client. God answers prayer! How encouraging it is for the two women to see how the truth's of God work. They are applying intercessory prayer on a regular basis at their work place and dramatic changes are occurring every day. Praise the Lord.

One of the men in the Roanoke CC was hospitalized. Soon there after he began to experience massive organ failure. God's people prayed. The man was expected to die Wednesday night. God had different plans. By Friday the man did not even have so much as an I V in him! 

After several years of prayer and the "writing of her letter"; a young woman finds her husband to be and they are engaged.

A man who was very inactive for years begins to apply the principles of tithe and giving in his life. God responds, and over a 2 year period, his house gets a new roof, new furnace, insulation, and new windows. All of this, and more, was given to him. God honors those who give!

A woman is told she has tumor. Prayer is offered. The results are that the tumor is benign.

A young lady goes into a second life threatening brain surgery. The expectations are a prolong hospital stay; extensive therapy; use of a walker/cane; and possible loss of some neurological functions. Prayer is offered and prayer is given at the hospital and during the procedure. The surgery goes much quicker than the doctors thought. The young lady leaves the hospital with just a few days with no side effects; no required therapy; and no need for any walking assistance! Praise the Lord.!!

Doctors find a lump in a young lady's breast. Prayer is given as the young lady claims the promise of "walking in health in Jesus name." When a follow up examine is given just a week later - no lump can be found or any evidence it was there to begin with. Glory!

A family asked for prayer regarding a family member's upcoming surgery.

The surgery which was expected to be about 5 hours, was only 3 hours.

The colon resection required was less than initially thought.

The anticipated stay in ICU never was required.

The expected stay in the hospital of a week or more was only 3 days.

We serve an awesome God!

A person in one of the Cowboy Churches had been needing, and looking for, a horse trailer. In the space of one week, somone unknown to them provides the money and then a trailer they had looked at that was $1400.00 is suddenly dropped to $500.00. The amount the unknown person provided? Yes! It was $500.00. !

A young man, for the first time in his life, has had a job come and find him. The new job pays "a lot more" than the previous job. Recently this young man had been seeking the Lord over a call of ministry and has been willing to submit to what God is calling him to do.

A ministry in another state that CCofVa. began working with has been in a "season of desert." They have been seeking the Lord. God has responded and now dramatic, much needed, finances are coming in.

What was believed to be a cancerous growth on a woman, after prayer, is found now to be without cancer! Praise the Lord.

After years of prayer, a family sees their husband/father become active in reestablishing a relationship with Jesus Christ. While saved at an early age, he lives today for only himself. God is changing his heart.

A young lady is involved in a mortorcycle accident. She is air lifted to the hospital. A prayer chain is activated. The doctors find the next day that she has no broken bones, no severe injury, and only minor bruises and scrapes. She experienced no head trauma at all, but she has no feeling in her left arm. Prayers continue and in 2 days she goes home with feeling being resored in her arm. **Update**-She has fully recovered.

A woman has 2 ruptered ear drums. After a doctor visit or two, with little change, prayer is offered. A week later she reports all hearing has been restored and she is feeling fine.

A family that has been experiencing financial challenges for 3 years has, over the same time period, taken a $12,000.00 loss. They continued by faith and followed their budget and trusted the Lord. In the space of 60 days they receive 2 $5,000.00 checks. This allows them to not only recover 80% of the 3 year loss; but also to forgive a large debt owed to them by another.

A young lady has had illness and pain for over 10 years. Not one day without pain or discomfort. In the last 6 months she has made it a matter of prayer as well as asking the Prayer Warriors and others to pray over her. God began a chain of events that led her to a doctor who, for the first time, diagnosed her correctly. She underwent an outpatient procedure and is now for the first time in over 10 years pain free. Praise the Lord !

A family has been dealing with a relative who is an addict. A problem arises. The family is in distress and worried. They give it to God in prayer. Two days later, out of the clear blue God intervenes and a provision is made. The crisis is over, the need is met, and the results are that which the family had been, over a period of time, praying for. Because the family trusted God and did not sucome to the fear, the crisis (under the hand of God) became the catalyst for the solution.!

A woman is told she has a spot on her lung. The prayer warriors begin to pray. 3 days later, when tests are run, the doctors can no longer find the spot.

A cancer survivor who is "walking in health in Jesus name" learns, after two years, that the doctors will finally admit there is now no evidence of any tumor.

With a herd of five horses, the need is significant that CCofVa. have a central site to pasture, stall, and train the horses. Prayer is offered. After about three months, a man offers a very large operation to the minsitry, complete with on site residence, for the miraculous price of $1.00 a month.

The Trailblazer Team is asked to go to Memphis to present a cowboy church service. God moves and lodging is offered at no cost. Then, a week later, someone writes a check to finance the entire trip. Praise the Lord!

After a year or more of prayer, God has moved and the CCofVa. ministry has received it's long awaited horse trailer. Praise the Lord for this provision.

A woman has been experiencing back pain for years. Recently, complications arose due to knee injury. She began to focus on prayer. After two weeks she is pain free. 

A couple needing specific information relative to their walk in the Lord seeks an answer through prayer. In two weeks a specific chain of events arises and through that information is exchanged between two people. The answer to prayer is given!

A man has what appears to be a stroke. Doctors discover Bell Palsy and the man's left side of his face is paralyzed. The people of God begin to pray. Within just a couple weeks, the effects diminish and dissolve. Today the man is fine.

A lady with a history of heart trouble is admitted to the hospital. Prayer is offered. Doctors say they can not operate due to the medical history. When tests are completed, no surgery is needed and the woman is sent home. For no apparent reason, the woman is fine !

A man has a blocked bile duct. He is in need of an operation. The doctors can not operate because there is bile in his blood. Meanwhile the bile is poisoning him and his life is in danger. Prayer is requested and prayer is given. Overnight the bile suddenly disappears. The doctors operate and within just another day the man is home, well, and recovering.

A family that has struggled with fiinances for years seeks help and prayer. With a budget laid out and a firm comittment to follow it, they now are debt free after only 6 months. Praise the Lord!

A lady asked for prayer for healing of cancer. The doctors now tell her, two months later, that now the cancer is gone!

A woman has struggled with relationship problems her whole life. Coupling prayer with counseling, after 18 months, she experiences deliveriance. Praise the Lord!.

A husband/father is suddenly taken ill with a inflamed spleen. Doctors predict a prolong hospital stay of about two weeks with a recovery at home of about six weeks. Due to the man's inability to work, the family is thrust into an immediate financial crisis. The people of God begin to pray, and get busy. God does the impossible. After only three days in the hospital the man goes home. Two weeks after the surgery the man goes back to work. The family's finances are restored as God supplies $1500.00 in gifts in just under a three week period. We serve an awesome God!

An infant has a severe heart probtlem. There have been multiple operations. People are praying. The parents come to CC and ask for specific prayer on behalf of their child. An operation is pending and the child is not expected to live. This operation, while tried before, has not proven to be successful. The operation is done and is a great success. The child lives, and for the first time, the operation works. Even the doctors are puzzled by the great success.  The Family is told there will be long term side effects and the child will remain hospitalized for at least a year. The child goes home a week later!  This infant has only weighed 4 pounds previously. Now, in that week's time, has gained two pounds and is recovering. We serve an awesome God who heals!!

A woman, ahead of a cowboy church service, request prayer for a deformed finger. She has been told this is caused by a periodic muscle spasm and requires surgery. Hands are laid upon her and prayer offered. Jesus heals her 5 minutes later and the muscle deformity visible under the skin, for the first time, is now gone! 

A woman has been found to have a cyst on her liver. Doctors do not believe they can operate. Prayer is offered. 2 weeks later the cyst has been found to be benign; surgery is complete; and the woman is at home recovering with no long term health issues expected. We serve an awesome God.

A husband and wife who are in full time ministry find an error in their favor on their credit card statement. When they contact the company who failed to bill them for the goods, the company allows them to keep the goods and not pay for them!

A woman finds healing from nerve damage in her hands that resulted from chemo treatment.

A husband and wife finds reconciliation after she abandons her husband and children. Despite turning to a life of alchohol and substance abuse, she finds God's mercy and grace. We serve a God that restores!

A woman with cancer has surgery to remove 5 tumors. While the tumors are removed successfully, the cancer remains. Then, the next day, suddenly tests reveal there is no more cancer to be found! Her doctors proclaim this to be a miracle of God.

A young man crossing a street is hit by a car. So hard the impact, it takes him out of his shoes, up on the hood and windshield, and then back out onto the pavement. Some folks from CC happen upon the scene and begin to pray. Then more pray during the night and the next morning. To the amazement of the doctors, the boy is treated and released with no severe injuries!

The family mentioned earlier in these postings has now seen remarkable reconciliation both among immdediate family members as well as others in their family. God continues to work in the restoration of marriage, sibling relations, and family unity. While seeking God's guidance in this area this family has now seen a new start of ministry.

A young woman learns of a diagnosis for a serious illness. She begins to attend CC and applies the Word of God to her life-believing that Jesus can heal. After a year, a follow up appointment is done and, for reasons unknown, the illness is now gone. Also during this year the presence of the Word of God being taught and applied in her life delivers her from a life long history of depression. We serve an awesome God!

Two teenagers that have been estranged from their family faced very severe hardship at the hands of others. Despite social services being involved, intervention was not happening. The prayer warriors began to pray and the power of God moved. Today the two teenagers are again at home. One accepted Jesus as their Savior! (the other was already saved) God is beginning to restore this family.  Other family members are also beginning to reconcile past problems because of what God is doing in the lives of these parents and teenagers.

The woman told earlier in these postings that she has breast cancer has now completed chemo. The tumor is gone! What started as a mystectomy has now been reduced to possibly no surgery at all. Doctors and other patients alike stand in amazement at what God has done. 

The pregnant mother and twins prayed over are now at home and resuming their normal routine. God is good!

A pregnant mother is hopsitalized with complications. She is carrying twins. The babies are delivered, but are in critical condition. The mother has serious health problems occuring as well. God's people are praying. For no apparent reason the babies suddenly get well and are sent home. Within just two more days the mother regains her health and the bleeding in her brain stops. 

A woman who has had a shoulder problem for quite a while undergoes surgery. The doctors do not find anything serious despite their own early diagnosis. Very minor problems are corrected and she is now recovering. She gives God the glory for healing her before the surgery could occur.!

At the PBR event in Lexington on Nov. 28, 2009, a rider of the drill team takes a fall and is paralyzed. As she is taken to the hospital from out of the rink - those who know the Lord begin to pray. God responds and heals her body. 4 hours later she walks back into the arena!!

A womna is told she has breast cancer. After prayer and repeated visits to the doctors the mass in her breast begins to shrink. The prospect of surgery is replaced by Chemo treatments. But after just one chemo treatment the mass had shrunk by 25%!. Meanwhile God is usieng the woman to minister and witness to folks at the cancer treatment center. She continues to trust God and "walk in health in Jesus name". Update: 12/09 there has now been four chemo treatments and the mass has shrunk over 75%.

A man stricken with cancer and given no hope of survival is prayed over. A risky operation is done that evolves into a no risk procedure to remove a tumor that, for no known reason, is now free of any cancer!! Today this man is alive and well with no complications and resting at home on his way to a full recovery. We serve a God that heals!

A family is in financial crisis. They need a place to live that will reduce their monthly utilities. They can not seem to clear enough money to make the move due to their back debt. The Prayer Warriors begin to pray. The family takes counsel and begins to apply scriptural principles. God moves! Suddnely their back debt is removed. Then the husband gets an unexpected raise of $1.00 an hour! A previous landlord offers them a place to live that will dramatically reduce their monthly utilities. Despite a seemingly impossible amount of money needed for the deposit and first month rent, the money comes in! They complete the move and are now beginning to manage their finances as God would have them to.

A woman is faced with a serious health issue but has no medical insurance. The Night Hawks begin to pray. God intercedes and a private group contacts this woman (unsolicited) and offers to cover all expenses related to the health issue!!  Healing has occured! The mass is shrinking!

A family serving in ministry has a sudden financial crisis as well as severe health issues with a family member. Prayer is offered and God immediately responds with financial gifts. This is a developing event and we will share what God will be doing next as we receive the reports. Update: God has created a way for this family to reover from the financial crisis without loosing their home. Praise the Lord! There is still no report on the health concerns yet.

A pastor and his wife in San Diego interegated and told by government officials they can not hold a Bible study in their home. God does the impossible and after two weeks of prayers, emails, and public response, the county officials reverse their position. Now the law will be rewritten and the county issued letters of apology! We serve an awesome God

A ministry in need of a special item receives a sudden gift.

God supplies our needs!

A woman is rushed to the hospital. Two doctors have diagnosed her to have a blood clot in one of her lungs. The prayer warriors begin to pray. The next morning she is sent home. With no apparant explanation, all the tests are negative and she is now normal. We serve a God who heals.

A lady who was having back problems and loosing use of one foot and leg is healed. 

A man who lived with a crack in his skull for many, many years asked for prayer. Due to the crack, he had massive headaches, sinus problems, and other issues. After much prayer he is today normal. Doctors continue to be amazed at the healing presence that causes this man to continually get better.

A man who has a hole in his sinus is experiencing all types of health problems. His brain is expanding and pushing through the hole. After two weeks of prayer the doctors learn his sinus is closing up and the brain is shrinking. After a recent operation he is now pain free for the first time in several months.

A 9 yr. old child is brought to a CC service by her mother. The child has a growth in her body. Prayer and the laying on of hands is done. A week later the doctors do another test and discover the growth is now gone!! It is just as if it was never there.

A man is hospitalized in Winchester, Virginia. He is experiencing heart failure, kidney shut down, and insufficient lung capacity. Within just a few hours of the prayer warriors beginning to pray, the man begins to recover. In two days total kidney function is restored. Total lung capacity is restored. A week later he goes home after a stint is placed in his heart. He is now home and resuming a normal life.

A man is hospitalized in North Carolina. The family is summoned. Death is immanent. The payer warriors begin to pray. Within a few hours change begins. Over the next three days the man fully recovers!!

Two men in the same week are asked by their doctors to undergo tests. The doctors believe there is cancer. The prayer warriors begin to pray. A week later both men have tests results of no cancer. 

A woman comes to the CC service. She has a stie in her eye. She ask for prayer. The next morning the stie is gone!

A young man on a motorcycle in the Philippines is hit. He is hospitalized and there is anticipated many long term life altering side effects. The matter is given over to prayer. Just two months later the young man is released to go home. No long term effects expected. Today he is normal and healthy.

A family is given an automobile.

A Family is facing eviction. Upon prayer being applied, the eviction stops. The family is then provided a better home with lower rent.

A man in Wytheville has a stroke. As the prayer warriors pray, one of our pastors goes to the hospital. God touches this man's heart and he recieves Jesus as his savior. He goes home two days later and is moving toward health daily.

A man in West Virginia has a severe stroke. The prayer warriors begin to pray. God intervenes. In two days he recovers with no evidence of the stroke. On the third day he goes home and resumes a normal routine. He has now returned to work.

An 18 month old child is placed on inhalers due to breathing problems. After the prayer warriors pray, in one week the child recovers and is now normal. 

A woman in Missouri discovers she has major heart blockage. She is hospitalized for surgery. The prayer warriors begin to pray. The surgery goes better than planned. Instead of six week stay - she leaves the hospital less than a week later. She is fully recovered !!!.

A young woman is rushed to the hospital. She has a twisted lower intestine. The intestine is dead. The doctors tell the family she is going to die. The prayer warriors begin to pray. About 6 hours later, while in surgery, the doctor's report the intestine simply "begins to live again" and then starts to function. Without the doctors doing anything but watching. !!  Less than three weeks later the young lady goes home. Totally healed, totally normal and healthy.

A family made a conscious decision to "get their lives right before God." First came salvation; then came marriage; currently God is setting them free of many issues that have held them in bondage for years; God has now orchestrated the highest paying job the husband has ever had (he started already); now this family is looking (and following) for Godly council to get them out of debt and into a home of their own. We serve a God of miracles for those whom believe and obey. So dynamic is this family's story that now God is opening doors for others (including churches) to approach CCofVa. too provide this teaching on finances to set others free from this financial bondage that holds so much power over so many Christians.

A grandfather was diagnosed with enormous cancer in his intestine. The prayer warriors began to pray. Upon surgery the cancer had reduced to the size of a grape. It ws removed. Today he is fully recovered, cancer free, and healthy again.

A man who had a failing immune system needed a heart and lung transplant. The doctors sent him home to die. There was nothing they could do. The insurance company refused to cover the transplant surgery he needed to save his life. The prayer warriors began to pray. The first week of prayer, the insurance company reversed their decision and notified the family the procedures would now be covered. As the family began to wait for the necessary organs to be located, God intervened. He returns to health! 

A man in Missouri had a heart attack. Tests revealed four major blockages. This same man had already suffered a stroke one year ago as well. The prayer warriors began to pray. Three days later the man left the hospital completely recovered !! Not only is there no evidence of any heart damage-but tests now show there is no evidence of a stroke at any time in his life. 

An 86 year old woman had a stroke several months ago. She was expected to die. The prayer warriors began to pray. She completely recovers. She went on to accept Jesus as her savior during this time.

A horse dying of colic is healed.

A woman is healed of failing kidneys.

A man is healed of heart damage when he should have died.

A woman is healed of internal bleeding.

A young alcoholic is set free.

A woman is healed of cancer.

A 3 year old child is healed of Bell's Palsy




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