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In 2012, several news groups began reporting on something soon to be called “Active Shooter Syndrome”. In Nov. of 2013 CBS Morning News interviewed John Miller (correspondent and former Asst. FBI Director) who had just returned from a international meeting of law enforcement. The center piece of the discussion was this phenomenon now gripping America.

What is stumping all the professionals is the lack of any common denominator. In layman terms – "this just doesn’t make any sense".

But actually it does!

Using the following as a base line definition:

A distinctive or characteristic pattern of behavior.

CC began offering in 2012 a 2 day seminar series on “Active Shooter Syndrome” . This is a remarkable study of Romans Chapter 1 that entails the very elements present in these people, and others. More than just a source to identify the “why”; this series gives the audience fundamental guidelines to identify the issues early that lead to this behavior and also identifies what government, business’, and churches need to be doing to help prevent future acts. This is now taught regularly in multiple states, and more requests are coming in.

Beginning in 2013, our ministry began the task (continues still today) of alerting entities and groups that they were risking a potential active shooter event. Such groups as the Veterans Administration, banks, news stations, etc. all saw active shooters in the wake of our alerting them to the possibility. Today this phenomenon is totally out of control but still remains entirely predictable and preventable if real changes would be implemented. At least 3 of the shooter events in America were foretold by the staff of CC to the respective entities that would encounter the event. CC forewarning were ignored.

In the late 1980's several prophesies were given by a variety of people in which it was stated that America would enter into another Revolution. While everyone would have a different opinion of what that means, not many would recognize its presence. We are there today. We have underestimated the anger and frustration of the American people in regards to failed government, rampant fraud that steals and destroys life; invasion of privacy on every front; the ability of one person to destroy lives and reputations with just a mere "accusation" through social media; rampant false imprisonment and disproportional imprisonment in which serious crimes go unpunished and minor offenses are "over" punished; and the inability for people to simply cope with day to day life.

In a failed attempt to answer these issues, and more, the medical community has resorted to “pharmaceutical” solutions. We are now an over medicated society.

Contact us today and schedule this phenomenal 2 day series for your staff, and people of your community.

Be a part of bringing hope to what the experts think is simply hopeless.

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