The most often asked question we hear is.........


What is Cowboy Church?


There are 5 elements that make up a Cowboy Church. If you remove any one of these 5, then it simply is not a Cowboy Church no matter what the sign out front might say.


1. Non-denominational


Cowboy Church of Virginia is not tied to, or affiliated, with any other group or denomination. We are the only group in the world that still follows the "model" given of God to Glenn Smith, and then to us in 2004. This is why in 2008 Glenn "passed the mantle to this ministry".


2. No membership


The single greatest issue that main stream churches miss is the most simplistic truth of all: when you create membership you also create "non-members". Why create a barrier that tells a person they do not belong to the very place we desire to invite them into? In the absence of membership, people enter a Cowboy Church and immediately feel as if they have been there their entire life.


3. No offerings collected


In Cowboy Church you are never solicited for money in any way! So how does the ministry pay it's bills? There is a provision made so that those whom God leads to do so, may give, or tithe, to the ministry. Many claim to "live by faith" in this world today; but Cowboy Church of Virginia really is a work of faith and as God makes the provision so we do the ministry.


4. No dress code


We've said to people for years "come as you are". But when they do-we look at them funny! In Cowboy Church there is always more dirt on our floor than on your body - so come as you are!


5. Non-traditional settings


We are in any place except that which looks like a church! There are many who believe that God desires great "edifices" to be built for Him but what God desires most is a people with a heart toward Him. "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them". Matthew 18:20


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