Cowboy Church began in America in 1972. Amazingly, it did not begin by design or intention of man. God did, and still does, this work in the wake of obedient people.

In 1972 Glenn Smith, a professional rodeo clown, was called of God. He sold everything and entered full time ministry along with his wife. God had called Glenn to bring the gospel to the rodeo and bull riding circuits.

In the second year of ministry as Glenn was returning to previous towns and cities, he discovered that local pastors and lay people had begun to hold services.

Cowboy Church was birthed.

Growth was slow and almost exclusive to the rodeo and bull riding communities.

Then, in 1990, Nashville CC began. Harry Yates and Joanne Cash (Johnny Cash's daughter) were called of God to place the gospel in the heart of the seat of country music.

Still, cowboy churches seem to stay in the shadows.

The Nashville CC developed as a country music show. Many still did not realize how popular this new concept was becoming, thinking it was only unique to Nashville.

Then in 1992, the PBR was introduced to America. Two riders got saved. By 1994 they were holding Bible studies and by now about 45 riders had accepted Jesus.

After a couple more years, they began to hold worship services, led by the riders, at the bull riding events.

The idea was presented to open the services to the public.

Cowboy Church exploded!

It is believed that today there are some 5,000 cowboy churches nation wide. No one really knows. Along the way every denomination has gotten into the act.

In 2008 Glenn Smith came to Virginia for a 3 day conference hosted by Cowboy Church of Virginia. During those 3 days, Glenn passed to Pastor Ray and the ministry of CCofVa.  the mantle of the leadership of Cowboy Church. Glenn's words to Pastor Ray: "you are the only ones found in the world, and I've been all over the world, doing the original model God gave me". Two years later Glenn would be with the Lord.


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