One of the most significant items of the model of CCofVa. is the weekly fellowship meal. The ministry has always done a “hot” meal ahead of every service. Sometimes, for the staff, that was preparing as many as 6 meals a week!

The deeper significance of this meal would not be fully realized for a few years. The obvious one was of course….it’s great to eat! Then it became known that for some, the weekly meal at CC was that family’s only hot meal for a whole week. WOW!

Then after 2 years the big light bulb went off. At one service someone asked “why is it that CC doesn’t do Communion” It was a great question! Even more remarkable was that no one had asked that until then. Why? Simply because they had been partaking in Communion the whole time, but they had failed to realize it!

Everything that God has given us to do in the Bible is based on simplistic realistic needed application. In other words, God is VERY practical! This is true also of what we reference today as “Communion”. Is what we do today, what God intended?

The word “Passover” is first used in Exodus 12:11. The word Passover is used only 76 times in the Bible. The first time it is used during the ministry of Jesus is found in John 2:13. Did you realize that Jesus REGULARLY observed the Passover His entire life? In his childhood it is recorded in Luke 2:41. So the “Last Supper” has significance not because of the “meal”; but because it was the “last time” Jesus would have the meal until His disciples would see Him in eternity. Luke 22:16/Matt. 26:29

There is also something VERY unusual about what Jesus said regarding the meal He had with His disciples. It is not found in what He said, but in what Jesus DID NOT say as recorded in all 4 gospel accounts!. It is not recorded that Jesus ever stated how often this meal was suppose to be observed. !! In fact, the famous phrase we think Jesus said at the meal with His disciples “……..this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me.” (I Cor. 11:25) wasn’t recorded as being at that time as being said by Jesus….it was recorded by PAUL, as being said by Jesus. Did Jesus say it? – yes! But how is it there is no record of it in the 4 gospels? Why is it that we learn of this through Paul? And, why is it found in I Corinthians 11? Also, why is there SPECIFIC requirement of once a week/once a month/once a year/etc. Why is what would seem to be VERY important so ambiguous?

Here is another odd item about the “Last Supper”. Judas was not excluded. Jesus knew BEFORE the meal started that Judas would betray Him. In fact, every time Jesus and the disciples observed the Passover over the course of Jesus’ ministry-Judas was there. So, if sinners are not (as some say) to be allowed to partake in Communion, then why did Jesus include Judas?

Next week we look at I Corinthians 11 in depth to find these answers, and more

Pastor Ray

Thought of the Week

From time to time it is a good idea to sit down and “eyeball to eye ball with the Lord” and;

Explain to Him just why is it your doing some of the things you are doing!



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