The Pioneers

Beginning in June of 2010 Ray and Linda Bell stepped out into full time ministry. This was a result of a three year long process and was carefully planned out. God, through those listed on this page as well as through direct divine interaction, now fulfills His Word as spoken in Phillipians 4:19 : "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

The Pioneer group consists of people both within CCofVa. and folks who have never been to a cowboy church service or event. All have one thing in common - that they are responding to God's leading.  Some folks provide monthly support while others provide specific needs or a one time gift. All are equally important to the fulfilling of the call of ministry. 

These names will change from time to time.



George and Regina Rhodes          Harrisonburg, Va.

Demian Pace                              Roanoke, Va.

and others who wish to remain as anonymous givers



In times past:

John and Laura Montross             Chapel Hill, NC.

Steve Cook                                Moneta, Va.

                     Steve is today with the Lord

Mark and Debbie Nelson          Bedford, Va

James and Pam Anderson        Mt. Jackson, Va.

Stan Bennett                           Waynesboror, Va.

Rob and Cherry Bianco            Orlando. Fl.

Peggy Campbell                         Roanoke, Va.

                     Peggy is today with the Lord

Caroline Crist                            Riner, Va.

Voula Dallas                              Roanoke, Va.

Cliff & Kristen Hall                     Lexington, Va.

Jack & Angie Hamilton            Roanoke, Va.

Anni Howell                              Mt. Jackson, Va.

Howard & Betty Janney         Roanoke, Va.

Rev. Lamar Lifer               Meridian, Mississippi

Judith Pace                    Salem, Va.

Jeff Peck                                    Mt. Jackson, Va.

Rev. Jeff Perry                          Roanoke, Va.

                    Jeff is today with the Lord

John & Donna Ramsey             Blue Ridge, Va.

Steve & Terri Robertson     Natural Bridge, Va.

Leroy Quessenberry                Blacksburg, Va.

Gina Vasser                                Elliston, Va. 

Rev. Troy Webb                         Roanoke, Va.

                    Troy is today with the Lord

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