You might have noticed terms like "Cow Man" or Night Hawk" on our web site.

These terms, and more, are listed below and will help you become familiar with what these terms mean and how we use them. Following each term is the corresponding title we are currently using within-in Cowboy Church of Virginia.

Now you might ask, why are we doing this? Well, mainly because it is fun! Many people who come to CC do so because it is different and it is "cowboy". Think of it this way: If you visited a church and you noticed that everyone called the pastor "your honor" (because his secular job was a judge) wouldn't you think it odd? Or if you visited that pastor's court room, and people called him "reverend". While both titles are appropriate in either environment, each title is designed to fit and coincide with the setting that person is serving in at the time.

Here is a scriptural application of that same idea:

In I Corinthians 9:19-26 Paul talks of the importance of adapting to different cultural settings and being perceived as "one of them". Why? He answers in v.23 "And this I do for the gospel's sake......

It is the same reason Jesus taught from the scriptures in the synagouge, but taught parables to the people when he was with them in their fishing boats, living rooms, or just sitting in a field.

People love cowboys! Or more likely, the cowboy image. So at Cowboy Church, we  take a likeable image and present the gospel of Christ through it. And yes, some of us really are cowboys. But then again, some of us are just like you! So let me encourage you to have a little fun.


Cow Man Ray

The Cow Man (Senior Pastor) is, well, the boss. He's the man who puts the entire operation into motion; he's the anchor who sets an example for his crew to follow.

The Jigger Boss on a ranch crew is second in command to the Cow Boss

(these will be the pastors who will oversee cowboy churches as we grow and thus lighten the load for the Senior Pastor) 

Flank riders (Cowboy Church Pastor) keep the herd bunched and moving in the right direction.

Night Hawk. (Prayer Warriors) stood guard over the herd, the cattle, the cowboys and their gear while the cowboys slept soundly under the stars.

Range boss.  He's the man who was in charge of the crew on drives. 

(these are the folks who might lead a mission team on a trip)

Tallymen (Cowboy Church Treasurer) stand near the branding fire and tallied every animal branded or they counted the herd out the gate to keep track of the numbers.

The Peeler: the man who broke and trained horses for use by the hands in the outfit and managed the remuda.  (these will be folks who lead Bible studies or training courses, etc.)

Bandmaster: (oversees Cowboy Church of Va. worship leaders)

Bandwagoneer: (Cowboy Church worship leader) Song leader/worship

Bandwagon: (Cowboy Church worship team) Praise team.

Trail Guide : Elder

Wrangler:  Child caregiver

Corral: Location for childcare

Dogie: Child under 5

Colt/Filly: Child over 5

Tenderfoot: Teenager

Bedroll: Sleeping quarters

Chuckwagon: Sharing bread/meal

Trailblazer: (member of the team that plants churches) cuts a path or a trail

Fandango: Party or shindig

Greenhorn: Unsaved soul

Gospel Mill: cowboy church location


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