In 2004 God called and sent Ray and Linda Bell, along with Peggy Campbell, to begin this new pioneer work in Virginia. Beginning with what was thought would only be one church in Wytheville, God blessed and grew the ministry.

The trademarked name "Cowboy Church of Virginia" along with the slogan, also trademarked, "a place where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord", quickly became iconic of this ministry and what God was doing.

Along the way, called of God and drawn to what God was doing in CCofVa., many folks have come to us for training, leadership, and counsel. Take a few moments and read the link titled:   "Fertile Ground"    for more information and background on the history of cowboy churches in Virginia.

Today, with the exception of just a couple of folks, there are none in Virginia doing cowboy church that have not emerged from within this ministry.

The first pastor ordained into ministry was Rev. John Dailey. He serves in Ohio. Several more have followed him. There are still more to come as God draws to this work those He desires to carry forth the "model" given to this ministry. In 2014 Photizo Oikos Bible College was formed to train and equip people to serve in ministry.

While there are many CC's today in Virginia, all have roots back to this ministry except for three.

God called us and equiped us to pioneer this work and God continues to use this ministry to plant cowboy churches. All churches we plant will eventually become independent of us. We can account for their training, theology, and actions while they are with us.  Once they are on their own, they stand to themselves or to any other group they may create or become a part of.

There are multiple locations all over Virginia and more coming.

Many folks see what God is doing in Cowboy Church of Virginia. The presence of God, and the move of God, draw people. Accordingly some folks desire to do a cowboy church, but they lack the understanding, knowledge, training, or ability to lead a cowboy church or even how to open a cowboy church.

Cowboy Church of Virginia assists these folks. We offer training, and then can serve as a resource.

Wherever you might go to cowboy church, our brand is easy to spot:

"a place where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord."


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