2018  Cowboy Church/O.A.T.S.  Schedule


April 5th-8th      NC.Q.H.A.        Martinganza

Williamston, NC.      CC Service 7 am on the 8th

April 20th-22nd    VA.Q.H.A.  Spring Break Out

Lexington, Va.        CC service 7 am on the 22nd

April 26th-29th   NC. Q.H.A.  Easter Bunny Show

Raleigh. NC.            CC Service 7 am on the 29th


May 15th   O.A.T.S.   V.V.C.C.  Salem, Va.

May 18th-20th   Four Arrows Trail Ride Events

Palmyra, Va.  Trail Ride    CC Service 8 am on the 20th

**Pastor Ray to be on site beginning the 14th performing trail preparation, cutting trail, and marking trail**

May 26th   O.A.T.S. Blue Ridge Trail Ride


June 16th O.A.T.S. Blue Ridge Trail Ride

June 19th O.A.T.S.   V.V.C.C.  Salem, Va.


July 8th     NC. 4-H    State Championship

Raleigh, NC.   CC Service at 8 am

July 17th   O.A.T.S.   V.V.C.C.  Salem, Va.

July 19th Richfield Retirement Center, Salem, Va.

July 21st  O.A.T.S. Blue Ridge Trail Ride


August 18th      O.A.T.S. Blue Ridge Trail Ride

August 21st      O.A.T.S.   V.V.C.C.  Salem, Va.

August 24th-26th      NCQHA     Endless Summer

Williamston, NC.   CC Service 7 am on the 26th


September 15th        O.A.T.S. Blue Ridge Trail Ride

September 18th        O.A.T.S.   V.V.C.C.  Salem, Va.


October 16th     O.A.T.S.   V.V.C.C.  Salem, Va.


November  8th  Rockingham Coop Open House

Wirtz, Va.   CC providing stage/tenting/sound



Cowboy Church of Virginia Trailblazers:

Raymond & Linda Bell

Demian Pace


**Beginning in 2016 various churches from around the

country became involved providing staff to serve with our

team. If you or your church would like to know more, please

contact us**

 Churches and ministries serving with us:

Rocking Cross Cowboy Church - Williamston, NC.

others who wish to remain anonymous


We get a lot of requests to appear and share the Cowboy Church way of the Gospel. If you'd like our team, horses, or roping at your event or church, let us know.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CCofVa. does not require payment, ask for a love offering, or make any solicitation for the Trailblazer Team to appear and provide a worship service.


There is costs relative to having horses appear at any event.

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