Welcome to Photizo Oikos College

Photizo Oikos (Greek for Lighthouse) began in 2005 as our "pastor workshops". Over the years about 50 lay people and pastors have attended these workshops.

In 2011 a second workshop was started. Then a 3rd workshop was put into the planning for 2014.

Meanwhile, our first 4 year students that began in 2010 were continuing on toward their graduation. This group completed the course on Dec. 19th, 2014. With our first graduating class, the college was founded.

We have now had 2 graduating classes    2015 and 2016    with a total of 5 graduates between the classes.

Photizo Oikos offers a very unique, and specialized, learning environment. Students are taught a balanced scriptural approach to pastoring and leadership using I and II Timothy; Titus; and Philemon as the core foundation of the curriculum. Classes  meet once a month. The sessions are 4 hours in length and are in 2 parts:

      1. Lectures/teaching out of the curriculum.

      2. Real life problem solving. It is in this section that 60% of the learning occurs. Students are challenged to take the scriptures and teachings they have learned and apply it to solve problems they are presented with. These are real life issues and challenges that pastors and leaders have faced. They are a collection of real life events over 50 plus years of ministry.

If the student completes the four year course they are awarded a B.S. Degree in Bible Theology and Church Administration.

Is Photizo Oikos accredited? No, we are not...and most likely will not be in the future. Why? In order for a college to become accredited they must first surrender control of their curriculum to entities who interests are not in preserving the Biblical teachings needed to serve in ministry effectively. Accreditation is merely man's approval and is not required of God.

Why even have a college? First, the demand to train has increased more and more and fewer institutions are rendering Biblical and affordable training. Second, Romans 10:15 “And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

Here is an overview of what the curriculum covers:

20 hours            Church Administration

20 hours            Bible Theology

20 hours            Denominational theology/practices

10 hours            Church Discipline/Conduct

10 hours            Accountability of Leadership

40 hours            Real life problem solving/application

 4 hours             Public speaking

8 hours              Biblical application in teaching/preaching

6 hours              Discerning God’s Will

2 hours              Setting a Vision

2 hours              Offices of the Church

6 hours              Social Justice VS. God’s Justice

10 hours            Doctrinal Theology

4 hours              Spiritual Warfare

4 hours              Identifying Gifts in the Laity

4 hours              Recognizing Your God Given Gifts

6 hours              Women in Ministry

2 hours              The Dangers of the Novice in Ministry

4 hours              The Dangers of Nepotism in Ministry

10 hours   Dealing with the Spirit of Witchcraft in the Church

4 hours               Healing Power of God

10 hours             Finances in Ministry

2 hours               Importance of Ordination

2 hours               Sexual Immorality in Ministry

2 hours               Role of the Spouse in Ministry

6 hours               Role of Worship in Ministry

4 hours               Handling Accusations of Leadership

2 hours               God’s Word Revealed (personal revelation)

2 hours               Sermon preparation

3 hours               The Role of Prayer in Ministry

229 hours

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