At CCofVa. we always seek out those whom have a gift and calling to serve in ministry. If you are looking for a place to serve, or a group that will assist you in training and preparation with follow up for serving in ministry - we want to hear from you.

Current openings:   all positions require computer at home with working email account.

Pastor of a local Cowboy Church. (ordination not mandatory)

Worship leader of a local Cowboy Church.                       

Staff person to oversee scheduling of artists at each CC. Coordinates with Sr. Pastor and Tallymaster.

Comptroller/Tallymaster  FIILED 03/10/11 processes all CC deposits; issues checks; maintains accounts of receipts and expenditures; balances monthly bank statement from each CC.

Expecting to hire in 2015:  full time Technician & move part time comptroller to full time position.

Expecting in 2015 to place first pastor and wife team on the road with F350 club cab and horse trailer with living quarters. This couple will be assigned to follow one of the equestrian circuits in America and present Cowboy Church.

Staff person fluent in Spanish to travel with Trailblazer Team and provide sermon translation for pastor during CC service.

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