What is the Bedrock?

The Bible tells us in II Timothy 2:19:

"Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity."

When Cowboy Church of Virginia was first begun, God spoke to Pastor Ray and, among a thousand details He gave, God told of a specific event to watch for. When this event, and person came along, God said, there would be a dramatic work coming that He would do.

What God said at that time was that He was sending someone who would serve Him and provide substantial financial support for the work of the ministry. 

That time, and that person, came into the ministry of CCofVa. in 2011. What was so surprising was that they came into a cowboy church just as everyone else has done, and still continue to do so today. There was no fan fare, no big surprise, no big announcement. There was just a new person and we welcomed them just as everyone has been welcomed here where "everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord".

After about four months this person approached us with the concept of what we call today The Bedrock. A specific entity, or collection of people, whose sole purpose and focus is to provide support for the work of the ministry. Amazingly still this person related to us that their decision, directed by God, came into place when they had approached Pastor Ray and asked for $1.00. Yes, you read that right - a single dollar !! This person went on to relate how Pastor Ray responded and not only said that yes he had a dollar on him but then offered it to the person without them asking if they could have it. This person now states this "If Pastor Ray was willing, without asking, to give me his last dollar (that is all Pastor Ray had at that time in his pocket) then how can I not obey God, support CCofVa. and this work that God has said to do?".

We stand in awe of what God is doing and with great expectation of that which is to come as this new work moves forward. Since that beginning, as of October 2012, there are now 3 principle people God has raised up for this focused effort. We know of 2 more that have spoken to us of their intent to also become proactive in The Bedrock.

One of the first major items of the Bedrock given to the ministry was a F250. This gift began the fulfillment of a prophetic word given by Glenn Smith at a conference we hosted in 2008. 

There are 4 phases of this ministry God called us to do:

Phase 1: to plant Cowboy Churches     started in 2006. 

Phase 2: to train staff for the Cowboy Churches     started in 2006. 

Phase 3: to place 7 truck/trailer combo units with a pastor and wife team onto each of the 7 equestrian circuits in America    started in Dec. 2001

Phase 4: to train and equip/finance others into ministry positions unrelated to Cowboy Church     started Dec. 2011. 

Then in 2012, we realized the significance of the horses God had given us and O.A.T.S. was birthed in September 2012. O.A.T.S. would close, completing what God called us to do, in 2021.

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