Welcome to the Mt. Crawford Ruritan Club, #1 Ruritan Rd, Mt. Crawford, Va.

We are right on Hwy 11.


Service is at 10 am, and the chuckwagon breakfast is at 9 am.

In warm weather we are under the picnic pavilion.

Right in the heart of "cowboy" country !!


More and more people from all walks of life are finding the new main stream is in nondenominational and nontraditional settings which Cowboy Church first began in 1972.

This is "a place where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord"

Cowboy Church is for any person who desires to gather and worship the Lord without all the hassles found in so many churches today. We eat a meal and then sing Spirit anointed great music and hear Spirit anointed preaching.

Most of all, we just have a lot of fun!

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