The vision of Cowboy Church of Virginia is summarized in

three "C" s. They are:


C    Convert to the Gospel



C    Communicate the Gospel



C    Convey the Gospel



Many people we meet have a calling of ministry on their life. But their own church, denomination, won't recognize this and help them. We are committed to placing people into the ministry and giving them a covering and accountability.

We believe this is a integral part of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20. We also believe that many churches have disengaged from disciplining people into ministry today.


Cowboy Church has placed into ministry the following:

Rev. John Dailey          Columbia, OH.         March 25, 2006

Rev. Danny Holdren             Thaxton, Va.      July 6, 2006

          pastor Danny is currently leading the CC in Bedford, Va.

Rev. Marty Stallard       Wythevile, Va.         Jan. 2007

Rev. Randy Jarrells       Pulaksi, Va.             March 2009

        pastor Randy is currently leading the CC in Bland, Va.

        pastor Randy also led the CC in Pulaski in 2009


Do you have a calling to serve? Then visit our Careers @ CCofVa. link for more information on how you can get busy for the Lord!!

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