Currently in CCofVa.:

Rev. Demian Pace overseeing Blacksburg and Roanoke

Sr. Pastor Rev. Raymond Bell overseeing Harrisonburg and all Trailblazer appearances

Trailblazer Team

These are the ones that represent the ministry in all public appearances at rodeos, fairs, various churches, and other scheduled events.

Demian Pace

Linda Bell

Raymond Bell


Tallymaster:   open



These folks serve as treasurers for the ministry.

Blacksburg CC     Shelby Quesenberry

Roanoke CC        Joan West

Harrisonburg CC  George Rhodes



Demian Pace



Proceeds ahead of the Senior Pastor and others to perform set up and tear down.   Coordinates the positioning of the flat screens, audio table, and relative equipment for the administration of the weekly CC service.

Demian Pace


Equestrian Support          

private site


Barn Manager: 

Oversees the administration of feeding, medical, and day to day care of the horses. Works at the direction of the horse owners.



Television Production:     

Oversees the capturing of both video and audio at specified events and CC services.

Handles editing and prepares material for broadcast. Supervises camera and audio folks.          

Demian Pace

Raymond Bell


Power Point layout:  

Assembles song selections, announcements, and other related material. Places these into the PPT files for the upcoming weekly CC service as well as any Trailblazer events. Builds PPT for new songs.  Works with television and tack personnel. Assist in spanish translation of PPT files.        

Demian Pace

Raymond Bell



Demian Pace


Hospitality :  

Oversees the coordinating of the weekly chuckwagon meal at each CC.  Oversees the displays at the weekly CC services and Trailblazer Team appearances.      

Linda Bell            


Sign Production:   

Designs and produces all signage relative for each CC and ministry.  Administers Trademark          

Kevin Signs, Roanoke Va.


Senior Pastor               Rev. Raymond Bell

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