Here you can find a selection of past CC services, sermons, and sermon series.

DVD's are available by contacting us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In 2016 You Tube began to block some of our videos. The first few times You Tube alleged “censored” information found in some of our services. In other words-religious discrimination!

Then, after that obviously caused them some serious issues (such as the 1st amendment!) You Tube then began blocking based on alleged “copyright” issues.

Well……here’s the deal with that!

1.  We have copyright releases from ALL 3 of the copyright houses in America (there are only 3)

2.  All material, when presented in a worship service, is exempt from all copyrights. No exceptions.

Simply put-we live in a country now that opposes God and all the people of God. By the way we serve the one REAL God - Jehovah. Not some arbitrary person, entity, or object perceived to be god by some group of people.

If you would like a DVD – please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




12-29-19 HCC The Hedge-part 21 (Video)

12-21-19 RCC 12 Days of Christmas (Video)

12-15-19 HCC Christmas Trivia (Video)

12-08-19 HCC The Hedge - part 20  (Video)

12-07-19 RCC Finding God's Will for you life. Part 1  (Video)

12-01-19 The Hedge - part 19  (Video)

11-20-19 Abraham part 1  (Video)

11-10-19 HCC God's Love (Video)

11-03-19 HCC The Hedge - part 18 (Video)

10-27-19 HCC The Hedge - part 17 (Video)

10-13-19 HCC The Hedge - part 16  (Video)

10-06-19 HCC The Hedge - part 15  (Video)

09-29-19 HCC The Hedge - part 14  (Video)

09-22-19 HCC The Hedge - part 13  (Video)

09-15-19 HCC The Hedge - part 12  (Video)

09-09-19 HCC The Hedge - part 11  (Video)

09-01-19 HCC The Hedge - part 10  (Video)

08-20-19 BCC James Chapter 1 (Video)

08-18-19 HCC The Hedge - part 9 (Video)

08-11-19 BCC Common Saying from the Bible (Video)

08-03-19 RCC God's Math (Video)

07-28-19 HCC The Hedge  -part 7 (Video) Why was Satan in the Garden?

07-21-19 HCC The Hedge - part 6 (Video)

07-14-19 HCC The Hedge - part 5 (Video)

07-07-19 HCC The Hedge - part 4 (Video)

06-30-19 HCC The Hedge - part 3 (Video)

06-16-19 RCC NOAH part 2 (Video)

06-16-19 RCC NOAH part 1 (Video)

06-09-19 HCC Show Me the Money (Video)

06-02-19 BCC God's Wisdom (Video)

05-26-19 HCC Why Remember ? (Video)

05-19-19 HCC God and the Military (Video)

05-12-19 HCC The Motherly Characteristics of God (Video)

05-05-19 HCC Baptism why do it? (Video)

04-28-19 HCC Beyond the Tomb (Video)

04-21-19 HCC Lazarus (Video)

04-14-19 HCC Stony Ground (Video)

04-07-19 HCC Beginning of Paul's Journey (Video)

04-07-2019 NCQHA Williamston, NC. Kristi Stalings (Video)

RCC 03-31-2019  A Prosperous Journey (Video)

HCC 03-24-2019  Psalm 23 (Video)

HCC 03-17-2019  The Pool of Bethesda (Video)

HCC 03-10-2019  Elijah and Prophets of Baal (Video)

HCC 03-03-2019  Who is my Neighbor (Video)

NC.Q.H.A. 03-03-19 Obedience (Video)

HCC 02-24-19 Providential Times (Video)

HCC 02-17-19 Recorded 02-10-19 The Wedding Garments ? (Video)

HCC 02-03-19 What Will You Do ? (Video)

RCC 01-27-19 God's Sovereignty (Video)

HCC 01-20-19 Fiery Furnace (Video)

HCC 01-06-19 Into 2019 (Video)



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